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Poor Exhaust System? Improve Power and Fuel Performance
n case you missed your science lesson on combustion in high school, Ace Muffler is here to give you a quick tutorial on how your engine works.
Inside your engine, there are piston's that go up and down because of a series of quick explosions caused by air, fuel and a spark. Because the explosions are contained in a cylinder the pressure from the explosion pushes the piston creating torque, which is sent to the wheels, which makes your car go. Exhaust, which is made up of useless little particles of gas, is a byproduct of the explosions inside your engine and would certainly clog up your engine if left to do so. This is where the exhaust system comes in. Spent gases are pushed out through the exhaust manifold and exit out the back of the vehicle. The faster the exhaust gets out of the vehicle, the more horsepower the engine will produce. It also has a direct affect on fuel mileage. 

When the exhaust system is restricted due to a faulty system, whether it be a bad muffler or constricted flow through the manifolds, it can noticeably affect the performance of your engine. Our company specializes in muffler and exhaust system repair and replacement. If a vehicle feels sluggish or the fuel mileage is poor, it is time to have the exhaust system checked.

Custom Exhaust Systems - Substantial Improvement Over Stock Systems

Custom exhaust systems installed by Ace can greatly improve your vehicles power curve and fuel mileage over the existing stock system by opening up the flow of gases from the engine and balancing the vacuum produced by your original factory system. Drop in today for a free exhaust inspection and estimate.

Check Out Our Custom Exhaust Installation Services:
  • Headers
  • Custom Dual Exhaust
  • Foreign and Domestic
  • Cold-Air Intake Systems
  • Pipe Bending and Welding
  • Stock Manifolds and Gaskets
  • Stainless and Aluminized Pipe
  • Custom Exhaust for Any Type Vehicle

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